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Ensuring Consistent Branding Across Mediums

Business branding is what distinguishes one business from another. In order for the branding to be powerful, it has to be consistent. The size, font, images, and colors have to match whether the brand is printed on a sign, banners, trade show displays, or custom printed t-shirts. That is not always the case if the business owner has to order apparel from one company and signage or graphics from another company. There is a lot of room for mistakes which can confuse customers.

One Company for All Printing Needs

The best way to get consistency is to find one company that can provide all the Custom printing and branding needed for the business. There will be no worries about images being distorted, colors being different, or anything being misspelled. The promotional products will look exactly like the branding on the booth tent and tablecloth. Store signage will be identical to vehicle graphics, which will match perfectly with the teardrop flags or banners placed at the business location.

New Business Owners

New business owners need to have a logo and branding image for products before the business opens to generate buzz and interest for the event. Owners with a general idea of what they want can sent files or drawn images to the company via the website. Those who have no ideas of what to create, or lack the artistic ability to create a logo, can get designer assistance.

Making an Excellent First Impression

Whether the business is casual or formal, that first impression has to be professional. Tablecloths, menus, staff uniforms or aprons, shirts for technicians, or caps that identify the janitorial department should be added using screen printing. This is the most durable method for printing apparel, and the most cost-effective. Colors will not fade, the design will not crease or crinkle, and apparel will look like new even after multiple washes.

Embroidery and heat transfers are also offered as methods of printing apparel and promotional products or gifts. Heat transfers are recommended for small quantities because the pricing ceases to be cost-effective in large numbers. If owners are not sure which method will result in the desired look, there are experienced staff people at the location and online to make suggestions, answer questions, and offer free quotes.

Printing that is consistent, easy to re-order, and available in one place is an ideal situation for business branding. There will be plenty of other aspects of the business that will be difficult so make printing as simple as possible. 

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